Jan 17, 2017

Bastards of Young

Well, this is awkward.

I'm posting here to give a little update. I've had to liquidate some of my assets, so to speak, because of moving and various other reasons no one really cares about. I want to post records again and get into the swing of things; it's going on almost three years since the last post, good gravy.

I don't have any records today, or for the foreseeable future, but I have started a new project, and, if anyone gives a shit, here's the link.


This is something I've wanted to do for awhile, being a writer and all. I felt it was of some importance to put down other shit that isn't just about music, and, well, here it is. This is it.

For all the readers of this blog, thanks for even bothering to read it. I've been lucky enough to have a bunch of people follow this and actually give a damn enough to comment and whatever else, so it is very much appreciated. If you follow me over to Vereinsamung, great. If not, I'll still be here. There's a couple of records I still need to cover that I haven't ever posted for some unknown reason, mostly out of laziness and life-things appearing, but I appreciate it whoever decides to stick around. I ordered a couple of records recently that I'm anxious as all hell to cover, most notably something from England, the name of which is what you tell people to do when they're assholes (hint: they're a hardcore band).

So that's that. Thanks to everyone.

Aug 25, 2014

Update and Things

So, things have been hectic around here and that's always unfortunate. Between the things I do IRL and the things I do for the record collecting/blog/twitter/facebook/myspace/instagram selfies, I haven't really had time to update absolutely everything always (as most of you are probably aware). I don't really have new records to actually update with, considering I haven't had the time to be able to go out and scour the Internet for new stuff. 

I hate to go off and sound like I'm shilling something, but, I'm looking to unload a bunch of records in my collection. That means pretty much everything that is on here. I'll give you all a list of the records I have in another post, but for now, I'll just say everything I have is up for grabs. 

I actually hate to do this, but with all the moving and then not having enough room (or bookshelves or space for them), I have to unload some shit. If you're interested, send me a message or something or whatever you kids do with information like this. 


Jul 7, 2014

Cop Trap

I'd like to think I am able to "get things done" when it comes to records and tapes. What I mean by "getting things done" is that, I find mostly 99% of the shit I'm looking for (with the exception of a few choice cuts), and they are all at relatively decent prices. I've been looking at my collection as a whole (considering the last few months of my life have been in and out of boxes), and I've realized that over the course of a year I've picked up almost 300(!) records. Sure, not all of them are amazing gems of hardcore/powerviolence/metal/grind/whatever, but to amass a collection that quickly is pretty good. Or insane. Whatever. Perhaps only having 400 or so records isn't a big deal, but to me it is. And looking at some of the items I have here, well, fuck; I couldn't have dreamed half of these up even if I had the imagination and means to do so. 

Where does this all lead? I wrote a post a little while back on the 7" version of Left for Dead's Murder Contest 001 and I said I wouldn't spend like $50 bucks on a tape. I now own the tape and I didn't spend that much to get it. It was the only thing from MDF (aside from a t-shirt that's now in the wash) I picked up. Sure, there were loads of things to buy but you know, I need that dinero to pick up things that I actually am craving in my collection instead of the "novelty" purchase at a metal festival.

I'm not going to blather on and on about Left for Dead because I already do that enough. Point is, they were really amazing live. And this tape/record is pretty good too.

Preview for next time: it will be a noise record.


Single sided white cassette /200


Jul 3, 2014

Non-Objective Portrait of Karma

Ever since I started SW those many moons ago (it's been one year what am I talking about), there's been one record that's eluded me. Everyone has that one album that, no matter how hard they try, they can't seem to find it. And if the album should pop up, it's usually in a price range that's absolutely ridiculous just because you want it. Now, I'm not saying this album is super-rare (it's pretty rare), but it's just an album I've been after for some time. It's an album that's a mini Holy Grail type things; while I'm sure there will be more of these in my life, this one is a checkmark in the book of "hey you can probably find whatever you're looking for eventually."

So Circle Takes the Square were around when I was just starting high school and that's where I heard them first. I think they had two EPs in the early part of the 2000s and then this record dropped in '03-'04 and at that time I didn't have the exposure to screamo (or skramz whatever) as other people did, so it was a new sound to me. I didn't hear about Orchid or Pg. 99 or Saetia, so all I had to go on was this weird screaming/mathcore type band and I loved them. I'm not a huge fan of screamo so I can't give a long dissertation about why it's an awesome genre; there's only a few bands that I like in the genre, but this album here, As the Roots Undo, is absolutely stellar and should be listened to. A lot. 

Circle Takes the Square are one of those bands that are quite difficult to write some type of review thing about. There's a lot of noises going on; these awkward time-signature changes, dual vocals, awkward stepping drumbeats. It's an amazing sound and for me, unexposed to this at 14, it was totally different from everything else. Everything I like about metal and hardcore and punk and music comes alive through this album. "Crowquill", "In the Nervous Light", and one of the best tracks to an end an album with, "A Crater to Cough In", is just part of this sort of life-changing experience that is As the Roots Undo. Their songs, while manic and intense, quickly change into soft lulls and then it's back again to something completely crazy and weirdly catchy. Sure, having an interest in screamo will certainly help to enjoy the album, but this one is special. It transcends some weird sub-genre to make something unique, and really fucking awesome.


Green marble vinyl #'d 60/330